My Calender 2020


The month started with a bang.

I had my first live program session on All India Radio.


It was my first solo live program on All India Radio.


Like everybody else, the pandemic completely shook me. However I gained my control back and didn’t allow the situation to affect me further. And that’s how, the lock down stress buster gayejakyarona was born, a karaoke musical platform on my YouTube channel. Music kept me alive. I didn’t allow any negative news to reach me. Stopped watching news on TV and mobile completely. Completely detached myself from interacting in social media groups on all platforms.  It was just music and me.


Started the campaign of spreading happiness and positivity through music and inspiring life with motivational quotes on my social media pages.


Started gayejakyarona: MyRadioShow, the daily dose of happiness.

People joined in from all the corners of the country with their piece of happiness. Some in the form of song, some in the form of poetry, some in the form of sharing their thoughts, their experiences. Every single contributor was pouring in positivity. And our audience increased. From just a small karaoke club we have grown into a daily radio show. We also celebrated our 50th episode. A few names I would like to include here who had been part of the journey since day one –  Anshulika Paul, Nanda Goghalia, Mamta Bhaghel


When people were clueless about what to do in this lock down, we bunch of dreamers were dedicated to our mission of proving daily dosage of positivity through our radio channel. We were so engaged in our mission that nothing else mattered to us. And our family became bigger with more like minded people joining in. Young, adult, seniors all showered their thoughtfulness. And the best part was even in so much chaos with everything around we were discussing goals and mission.


One of the happiest moments of our life, in spite of all the odds was, we shifted to our new house, our dream house. It was one of the biggest achievements of our life. My husband and I have been house hunting since we got married but for some reasons it never finalized because we would never be on the same page. If one agreed the other would find a fault. And the dice of time kept rolling until we had grown fifteen years of our life together. Finally old enough to agree upon something and it was the home which we had dreamt together. For a middle class person in our Indian society owning a house is a very big thing. And we are a proud middle class Indian now.

We also celebrated the 100th episode of our radio show, gayejakyarona with the Superman as our chief guest. The 100th episode also gave us our signature tune which we are very obliged to have from Shashi Nishad ji who is a student of Music. She wrote the lyrics, composed it also sang in her beautiful voice.

Also I would like to mention a few names here without whom this would never have happened. Neha Trivedi, Shiela Verma, Anchal Verma, Sutapa Daspaul, Molshree Ambastha, Vasudha Sen, Akansha Dubey , Manjula Jain , Geeta Sharma , Karn Chauhan & Mamta Baghel .


Had mostly been fun working with more new people. Our radio program by now was more or less appreciated as a professional channel. Lots of professionals had started contributing to it to keep their sanity going at this time. From Jhinki Ki Mummy, Sriman Srimati and Chammak Challo we were capturing the taste of our audience with humour and talk shows. Kids also joined us for fun with storytelling times with stories from Grow Up Messy

We celebrated Ganpati, Janamastami and 15th August in our radio show. Little Radhas and Krishnas melted our hearts with their cute pictures. We were thrilled to have Chocobaker, Aparna Nayak  and fitness expert, Janaki Nagaraj with us who shared their expertise with us. Romance author Reet Singh also shared her thoughts and experience with us.


By now I just loved doing my daily show. We were celebrating all festivals and events in 2020 calendar. Every day was a new motivation for me. Every day I was learning a new lesson both creatively and technically. Our radio show was improving every day.

Meanwhile, I was almost nearing my 100th life quotes.


It was a complete turn  around. With Diwali festival people were in no mood to sit back at home anymore. Business started rolling in. For the first time in so many months people were actually happy and were celebrating one of the biggest festivals of India in their own possible way. People now were on the street getting ready for festival. It wasn’t behind the closed doors anymore.

Our small gayejakyarona radio show team kept track of all the events in the month as well as we celebrated Diwali and other festivals.


Usually with the onset of winters the mood of people also changes. People love to spend time outdoors most of the time. Besides the radio show my book reading kids club also revived after a yearlong hiccup. We celebrated Christmas. All kids had grown up during these months and they had so much to share after meeting their old buddies. And finally I got to spend time with my family too. It was a big pending family reunion time.

gayejakyarona show changed from daily show to weekly show- Wednesday & Saturday, as people were back to work. It still continues to shower positivity and put smiles on every face.

I drafted my 100 quotes into a book that is going to be published very soon in , 2021.

The hours rolled to a new start with the New Year 2021. Whatever bad experience I had I buried it in 2020 and the good I learnt I carried forward in 2021. Like you, I too have set out once more to chase my dreams and work on my goals to achieve them. May 2021 bring the best to all of us.