Excerpt: Mirror 2 (Coming soon)

Here is a brief excerpt of my upcoming book #mirror2 #love #relationship #quotes and other #lovestories


What am I doing?

This post is for self.

I want to know what I want from myself. A very harsh statement indeed for after so many years of writing I still don’t have a clue where to start from. It seems like my think tank fuel has come to a halt or I might be redirecting it elsewhere. Whatever be the case, I can concentrate on one thing at a time. Since corona time my writing career has taken a back seat. Its not that I am not writing anymore. I am. Everyday. Little by little. But I am not taking the pain to publish it. It is so fearful. Like my fingers freeze the moment I choose the publish button. Why this ambiguity? Maybe it is the fear of being judged. Of late this syndrome is taking a toll on me. People’s reaction. It was something that never bothered me earlier. I was always doing what my heart wanted me to do. However, now I have started pondering whether it will be wise enough to go ahead or not. As if waiting for someone’s approval. But it never came. And my ideas kept taking back seat. Is this the way I dream of 2023?

No I don’t think so.

This year I have promised myself a lot of things and my books is certainly on top of my priority list. I have a couple of them that are waiting to see the light of the day. My books are me and I can’t let me die so soon so easily. Let me tell you about my writings.

I love writing for those who are unheard of , uncared, emotionally deprived, with a huge turmoil inside, those who don’t voice their pains. Yes I write pain. Pain that aches the soul even if the wound outside has healed. There still remains a scar. That pain one goes through every night when they finally get off to sleep. When they have just themselves to speak to. Just them to hear.

Even if you are surrounded by people, even if you are are sound professionally, even if you are a public figure, even if you are the topic of all the gossip, the moment you hit your pillow it’s just you and your soul, a soul session. Where nothing is veiled and your wounds are as naked as they have always been. A pain that doesn’t let you sleep at night. A pain that always take you back to it’s origin every damn night. You struggle alone every night for it to be over. Only to relive it the next night.

I want to write about it. I have written about it. I am writing about it.

You can portray to be very strong to world but you are a helpless child within, looking for warmth, looking for a secure home and happiness. I want to be there for you. I want to write for you. I want to share this pain to the world. Maybe it gets a chance to get healed.

My upcoming work is


50, Love and Relationship Quotes & other stories.

Due in February 2023. Stay tuned for more.

My Year 2022 Round Up

Wishing you all a very happy 2023. God bless you all.

I maybe a little late posting this calendar but I am happy I did it. My last two years I could not post due to various reasons.


I started the year 2022 with a bang.

Two of my special programs for New Year 2022 was selected for telecast at Akashwani Raipur . So it was a big opportunity for me.

In Studio Akashwani Raipur


A special program on spring “Basant Ayo Re ” was broadcasted by Prasar Bharathi at Akashwani Raipur.


I completed my first assignment as a ghost writer for my firm FICUS BOOK PUBLISHING SERVICES. As a new firm it was a big opportunity for all of us a a team.

After lockdown, we had our first out stationed tour to Mumbai. It was so pleasant to be with family once more.


Participated in Aprilbloggingchallenge2022. My theme this year was mental health issues. In this challenge we had to write a blog post everyday in the month of April on the theme selected. I completed the challenge. It was a fantastic opportunity to read other bloggers and interact with them. After lockdown it was a fresh start for me in writting.


I was invited for the book launch of the memoir mentored by me.


First event of the year, Summer Camp organized by our team New Hope Society. It was a good experience altogether.


This year my only book release Mirror: Self Help, Motivational book. Available on amazon.

With the onset of monsoons, our team New Hope Society organized “Poudha Ropan” event.

Comperes of Bindiya program , Akashwani Raipur were invited by Government School, Dumartarai for Hareli Festival celebration. It was an honour to visit the school and meet the teachers and Principal sir.


Team New Hope Society celebrated Independence Day, “Azaadi Ek Ehsaas ” with lots of enthusiasm. It was a big and very successful event.


Special Program on the occasion of World Heart Day for Askashwani Raipur


Durga Puja and Diwali celebrations


It was an honour to be invited by Krishna Public School to be part of the judges panel for the interschool event Litfest 2022


Got an opportunity to be part of wedding celebration of my niece at Raipur. It was a big family get together after a long gap. We enjoyed a lot.

My friends made by birthday very special.

New Hope Society organized an event “Muskan : A Day with the elders at the Old age Home”. Several people associated with us and helped us make the event a big success. A splendid way to end the year and welcome the new year.

Once again a very happy new year to you all. May you too have a happening 2023 both professionally and personally.

The Wedding Gift (Short Story)

From the book : The Wedding Gift

She stood in front of her murderer, a lifeless body, listening to every word he spoke with utter attention. As if he was chanting some mantra of her destruction. When he finally ended, Nirmala couldn’t feel the ground beneath her feet. The world spun in front of her eyes and she tried to hold on to something, probably his arms, to stop her from falling down. But then, he had already turned his back towards her and was moving towards the door. She couldn’t let him just go. The act was not yet over. It was her turn now.

Nobody walks away with murder.





Check it out Here

Available on #KindleUnlimited

Who am I? (World Alzheimer’s Day)

On the occasion of WORLD ALZHEIMER DAY I chose to share with you this incident that has changed my life forever.

I didn’t even know there was a medical term associated with it until I experienced it with my daddy. The man who taught me to walk, talk, read, write, story telling, knitting, badminton, chess, carom board, card games like fish, rummy, puploo, sweep, bluff, cycling and the list goes on. In short he taught me how to survive in this world had suffered from Alzheimer for a couple of years until we lost him forever. The tragedy was I had no clue he was going through this until he disappeared from our life for a day. It was the most heart wrenching day of my life. He went shopping with my husband and just before reaching home got down from the car saying he would walk his way home as he wanted to get some samsosas for all of us at home. Since out home wasn’t very far my husband left him in the market. It was almost an hour and daddy didn’t come home. We waited for him desperately thinking he must me on his way walking slowly. Never once the thought cross our mind that he might lost his way home. By four in the evening when he didn’t return I was panic stricken. It was almost four hours now. We didn’t waste time and went to file a missing complaint at the police station. They refused saying we had to wait for twenty four hours. Tears never stopped rolling down my eyes as I looked for my daddy on the street. In our neighbourhood everybody had seen him walking but nobody knows which way he went. After buying samosas for us he walked down the lane to our house but seems like he took a wrong turn and lost the path. We spent that awful night in the house without him . It was so distressful for my whole family. Early morning the next day we went to the police station and lodged a missing complaint and even ran a missing person advertisement on tv channel but we didn’t get any clue. The entire day we spent running from hospital to hospital, bus station, railway station looking for him. We were new in the city and didn’t know anyone. So emotionally, mentally, physically we were drained completely. God was our only solace. I was praying for him every second.

He was seventy four years old and was recovering from a long illness when this happened. His treatment left him short tempered and very moody. We lived in a rented two bedroom house and he didn’t like it. I was sure he was punishing us for it. I just wanted to meet him and ask him why he was doing this to us. I had no clue that his brain was degenerating every single day little by little. He was losing his memory every day. He was losing himself with each passing day and this was like a slow poison.

Now as I look back in time I find traces of his memory loss since the last couple of years. He forgot his apartment number. He forgot to wear his shoes when going out. He always took time to recognize us. He tried hard to remember what he had eaten in his meals. He was always lost in his own thoughts. He forgot to write, to read, to ask for food, to ask for help. He became a child, a toddler dependent on his care giver, me.

However, at that time I overlooked these incidents. I was hell worried for him and wondered where he had disappeared without telling me a thing. Later by the evening I got a call on his mobile. I thought one of his friend must be calling and I was in no mood to entertain the man on the other end of the call. But the man surprised me saying that Daddy was with him and he was safe. He was calling from an N.G.O, Badte Kadam who help the elderly and is very actively involved in social causes in the city. When one of the police man saw Daddy, a miserable old man on the street, he called them up thinking another family had abandoned their old man on street. Badte Kadam brought daddy to their ashram and treated him well. They had no means to reach us as Daddy wasn’t able to give our address. He wasn’t even carrying any identity card with him nor his mobile to give them any clue. He remembered only my name. Luckily my dad was carrying his ATM card and a ATM slip while shopping with my husband the previous day. With the help of these two they traced his phone number and called . Luckily the mobile was with me at that time. We rushed in to the ashram to meet him and it was a teary reunion. I took him to doctor the next day as I found bruises in his arms and legs. There I was advised to meet a neurologist who informed me my daddy was suffering from Alzheimer and this incident had triggered it towards the worse.

Alzheimer stage one

Here are the five stages of Alzheimer –

There are five stages associated with Alzheimer’s disease: preclinical Alzheimer’s disease, mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s disease, mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease, moderate dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease and severe dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease

We had no knowledge of the disease in the first three stages though we got the clues. And the incident pushed my daddy’s condition to the last phase where we lost him completely. In a few months he was bed ridden and then left us for the heavenly abode. Even while he was suffering he was teaching me. My best teacher in the world. Since his demise I became more inclined towards helping the seniors. Understanding their needs and Alzheimer.

Alzheimer stage five

It’s not easy to handle an Alzheimer patient. I salute those who do.

I just request my readers that if you happen to come across any old person wandering alone in the street please stop by to talk to him. Maybe he had lost his way home and doesn’t even know how to ask for help.

Excerpt : Mirror (Selfhelp motivation mental health issue)

Sharing with you all an excerpt from my new book MIRROR

“Don’t worry, brother. We are here. We will get you out of here in no time. Here, just hold my hand and come out,” said one of them.

 It was quite an assurance for the little frog in the hole. He jumped to hold his brother’s hand but could not reach it. He tried again but missed it. He gathered all his strength and tried again but to no avail. 

Another frog attempted to rescue him. “Here just catch hold of my leg buddy and I shall pull you out of here.”

Once more the frog attempted but failed. All the frogs outside tried to buck him up but the little frog failed them each time. Finally, the little frog sat down quietly, exhausted from trying. 

Meanwhile, the frogs outside started losing interest in the rescuing mission. Some of them had even gone back to play. However, a few remained there. They were thinking of ways to help their brother out when they heard the sound of an approaching motor. 

You can checkout the book here getbook.at/mirror

This book talks about #selfhelp #motivation #mentalhealth issues and how to heal our self.

Our Independence Day Celebration

During lockdown we started with a small karaoke club online in the name of गाए – जा – क्या – रोना

Slowly it developed into a daily radio show by the same name. From just karaoke it now started hosting chat shows, dramas, story telling, spirituality, motivation and music. The only motive was to spread positivity and happiness around. People from all walks of life joined us from different cities around the country. It became a platform to showcase their talent. We celebrated all festivals, seasons and moments. It was fun and our popularity increased day by day. When things came down to normal we switched from online to offline activity and started our group NEW HOPE SOCIETY. – a social, cultural and educational institution in the year 2021 December.

Till date we have organized several events for the benefit of community and people. From orphanage, old age home to yoga meditation to plantation and now Independence day celebration we have attempted to motivate people. Here is a glimpse of our celebration. We have offered platform to those hidden talents as well as underprivileged and needed social support.

We are looking forward to connect with more members to support us for this cause.

Illiteracy didn’t stop this granny from showing her talent in singing chhattisgarhi folk song

Live portrait of freedom fighter made by a talented artist who prefers to remain unknown
Team New Hope Society
Chhattisgarhi dance
Kid getting appreciated for his performance

From The Book: Mirror – Self help motivational (New Release)

There is always something to share in everyone’s life. I am glad I wrote this book to let you all know how I feel when I am at the bottom of my life and how I manage to rise up again. Maybe we share something in common. Check out my new book and let me know how you feel about it.

The Blurb

The success lies in never giving up your goal whatever be the situation. Our failure is our testing time. It questions us if we are on the right path or not.
My inspiration in writing motivational and relationship book is from my own experiences in life. My life has been an intense emotional roller coaster ride that brought me closer to my actual soul calling, spreading positive vibes and healing. Frankly, I saw myself in many of my friends, family and even people whom I didn’t know. The suffering was the same everywhere.
This book is a small attempt to show that you are not alone in such a situation and with self healing tables can be turned.

You can checkout the book here getbook.at/mirror

This book talks about #mentalhealth issues and how to heal our self.