तेरे नाम (Hindi Poem)

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एक खत लिखूंगी तेरे नाम

ज़रा माहोल तो बनने दे l

निचोड़ दूँगी

अरमाँ इस दिल के सारे,

ज़रा सैलाब

अश्की का तो आने दे I

Paromita Goswami

Ghazal Udas Chand Sitaron ko…

संगीत से मेरा रिश्ता बहुत पुराना है। एक वक्त था जब हम गज़ल की दुनिया में खो जय करते थे। फिर जिन्दगी की भग दौड़ में इस कदर उलझ कर रह गय की संगीत खो गया। मगर एक दिन संगीत मेरे जीवन में लौट आया जब मेने कमलादेवी संगीत कॉलेज जोइन किया। श्री चन्द्रभूषण वर्मा जी के संगत से संगीत फिर से मुझे मिल गया। गज़ल गीत फिर से जीवन का मेरे हिस्सा बन गया। आज teacher’s day के अवसर पर उनके द्वारा संगीतबध किया बशीर भद्र जी की ये खुबसूरत गज़ल आप सबको सुना रही हुँ। जोड़ने के लिये और जोड़े रखने के लिये आपका दिल से धन्यवाद ।

Tribute to Chhattisgarhi film Music Director, lok gayak, lyricist, Shri Chandrabhushan Verma on occasion of Teacher’s Day

“वो जानता है अकेला कहाँ मै जाऊँगा

इसीलिए तो मेरा हाथ उसने छोड़ दिया”

शायर बशीर बद्र

A Scene from The CLOCKMAKER (Paranormal)


Here again I am sharing a scene from one of my favourite book, The Clockmaker. This one is very close to my heart. If you enjoy paranormal stories do check out the book.A dark winter night in the woods, alone, where he had to reach to a safer place!He braced himself and started walking uphill at a fast pace. In his half sleeves shirt, he was almost freezing to death in the cold weather. After all, Katra was a small town in Kashmir and it was bound to be cold there. Nevertheless, Ashish didn’t stop. He kept increasing his pace as if he had urgency. He was completely unaware of the direction he was going in. In a short while, he left the crowd behind him and kept moving uphill opposite the Trikuta Hill. It was growing darker without the street lights in this part of the town, yet Ashish kept walking. His toes were almost numb due to the cold rain water that had seeped into his shoes and was making it difficult for him to go further. But he was not bothered at all. He kept walking at the same pace with his eyes on the lookout for someone.The rain soaked his clothes through. He clenched his fists across his chest to keep himself warm. The clattering of his teeth was the only sound he could hear now besides his own heartbeat. The town and the lights were left behind as he kept walking uphill. Darkness engulfed him. He squinted as he tried to get accustomed to the dark. Suddenly, he tripped on a stone and tumbled on the ground. He hurt his knee and cried out in pain. He came to his senses. He looked around and saw nothing but blackness everywhere. The distant lights from the town of Katra glittered downhill. He had no clue what was he doing there alone and wondered where the others were. Nervousness gripped him as he realized he was alone in the middle of nowhere. He was cold as ice now, dripping in the rain. The woods suddenly came alive with the sound of crickets. The sound reminded him of a similar situation – Stranded alone in the woods in a winter night. As if they were trying to tell him something. “Hellooo… is anybody there? Help me, please! I am lost,” he cried out through clattering teeth. Suddenly, he felt as if a thousand blankets had been wrapped around him. He felt warm and alive. He turned around and saw a fire burning about a few meters from where he stood. Ashish ran towards it and found a man sitting in front of it. He was wearing a black cloak and his face was well-hidden behind the hood. The scene in front of him was similar to his nightmares that gave him sleepless nights every day.“I think I am lost… can you help me?” Ashish begged.“I have been waiting for you,” said the man.Hearing the man’s voice, Ashish felt as if his heart would jump out of his chest any moment. It was a deep voice that felt like a whip across his heart. It was the same voice that had been haunting him in his nightmares since he could remember. Ashish felt his heart crackle. He fought for his breath and fell on the ground unconscious.