Book Quotes : The Clockmaker

Sharing some quotes from my upcoming #supernatural #novel

The Clockmaker

Jungle Series Book1

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book quotes

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Book Review: Grow Up Messy by Emmaline, LitPick Student Reviewer

Title: Grow Up Messy!


Childhood is considered to be the best time of one’s life. What if you get a chance to live it once more with a five-year-old?
Misry, a naughty five-year-old girl, lives with her parents in a B.S.F border outpost near Indo-Bangladesh border. But with no schools and friends she feels very lonely. She tries to befriend some local village kids. But they find her incompetent in their rural antics. They nickname her Messy as most of the time she messes up their plan. Can Misry really be a part of the gang?
Set in the early eighties, join Misry in the adventures of her life.


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So this Ganesh Chaturthi…

This part I am doing for myself. For my peace of mind actually. Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated today. Its a festival both rich and poor celebrate with pomp and show. Reason, Ganpati is the God of happiness and prosperity and every human being is in need of it. From the past decade the Ganpati pandals have shown a major rise and this is what concerns me today. Although my write up is in Hindi but I am sure you will understand what I mean to say.indexindex2index3index4

So this is the reality unless we take precautions right away.


Book Review : The Santa’s Gift By Jonny, Reviewer at Litpick

How does it feel when a young reader as old as 13 years reviews your work?

Feeling awesome! Thank you Litpick for this wonderful opportunity

Title :                          The Santa’s Gift


What is the pursuit of happiness in the journey of parenting?
Toby takes things for granted.
Mamta is having tough time coping up with it.
Can Santa’s arrival really change their life?


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Kya Mein Azaad Hun ? : My freedom? (Hindi Poem)

We celebrated our 72nd Independence day on 15th August, 2018. But are we really independent? When the chains of our patriarch society is so strong can we, the women folk, really be independent?

This poem is dedicated to all women who made a difference to their lives inspite of all the challenges they faced at the hands of our society.




Photo courtesy : Mathilda Khoo


Cover Reveal: The Clockmaker (Jungle Series Book 1)

Taking the plunge to reveal the cover of my upcoming book , The Clockmaker- Jungle series Book 1.

Jungles have always fascinated me. The mystery, the secret and the aloofness has always stayed with me. This time I am trying my hands in Supernatural paranormal around the theme. The Clockmaker is the first book of the ten story series.

A  supernatural story around a timepiece, a black hooded man and the nightmares.

Mark your dates 

Releasing September 2018

Published by Ficus India

053-5x8-Paperback-book-iphone-Mockup-COVERVAULT copy

The Clockmaker last

Watch out for the Book Trailer next.


Armaan : The Wish (Hindi Poetry)

Brothels have survived for generations. However, life breathes there too…Unfortunately nobody has a heart to see that. No woman is born to be there and yet thousands of girls find themselves there each passing day, mostly trafficked.

I dedicate this poem to those people who have come forward to help these women live with dignity if not anything else.