My 2016 calender and 2017 Commitments

With each passing minutes, we are nearing the end of the happening year 2016 and moving towards the beginning of a new dawn of 2017 with lots of new hopes and dreams. Before I move any inch further I want to look back to the days in my 2016 calender.


My kids reading club, Raipur Little minds book reading club, celebrated the republic day event in the evening at Jaistambh Chowk. The crowds cheered the young kids on their performance. It was our first performance on stage and the kids did their best.



It is the birthday month of my hubby and B’s birthday was celebrated with friends for the first time. B is very modest when it comes to celebrating his birthday since he believes in giving and not ever taking. But when friends persuaded him he count not say no to them. It was the first time B got a chance cut his birthday cake. As a child he celebrated his birthday with a spoonful of kheer prepared by his grandmother that was first offered to God and was later given to him.


A short family trip to Hyderabad in March is also well accounted for. A walk in the Chawmahalla Palace, the Durbar, and Nizam’s residence was awesome. The ruins of Golconda Fort narrating the stories of the bygone era was breathtaking. During our weekend stay, the meals were always the traditional Hyderabadi Biryani ordered from Shadab restaurant in the Charminar area which is one of the oldest restaurant in the city. A visit to the Ramoji Film City was also memorable. We were really very shocked to see the actual shooting.



Another incident that happened to me was AtoZbloggingchallenge 2016 in the month of April. In this, the participants had to post on their blog every day throughout the month of April. I participated in the event after Inderpreet shared the details on her timeline. Many bloggers all over the world participated and I was glad to be one of them. I first penned Grow Up Messy! in this blogging marathon. And the best part was with the footfalls and appreciation of the Grow Up Messy! the blog post I received encouraged me to write more. I met some of the fabulous bloggers during this month and I am so thankful to them.



Our unplanned Srikakulam tours in Andhra Pradesh. This trip was a big surprise for us in many ways. First, we didn’t know what to expect and second, whatever we saw was mesmerizing. The town Srikakulam was more of a district town of the state and didn’t have much to offer apart from the Movie Theatres which were numerous in the town and the best part was film posters were changed according to days. 10days, 20days, 25 days. I really loved that. The town is about 22 km from the Bay of Bengal and 100 km from Vizag. It is known for religious sentiments due to Arasavilli Temple is the Sun God Temple and Srikurmam Temple, which is one of its kind in the world. This temple is dedicated to the Kurma Avatar i.e the tortoise Avatar of the Lord Vishu. The Kalingapatnam beach is another place to enjoy. However, the beach has no shacks or activity. It is completely clean for that matter. Our journey back home was more adventurous because we traveled through South Odisha and the state has such beautiful valleys to watch out for. Aha!


June :

My best memory of the year is meeting in person with some of the wonderful people from my writer circle. That was in the month of June when the days were hotter and the night humid but that didn’t stop many of us to fly down to Mumbai from many corners of the country to the Meetup arranged by Rubina Ramesh. The effect of meeting everybody was like, “Oh My God they are for real!” For months every day we have been in touch with each other online because of our love for books. My family thought I was crazy, typing posts on facebook and smiling looking at the monitor almost every day even late at night. But that’s how we were connected. A big family in the virtual world is what I have always said to my hubby. And to my utter surprise, he allowed me to travel to meet this family without any hesitation. Today I have a family for real online.img_20160618_150156


A month of promises as it happens to be our anniversary month. Like every year we both expected gifts from each other and finally never gave one. When it comes to gifts both of us sit down with our dairies and count the number of times we have let down each other when every time we bought something for the other. As luck has it, since our first anniversary around ten years back we have never bought anything for each other. The reason, we always end up never liking it and complaining as to why our taste is so different. But that’s how we are. A fire element and a water element sharing hopes and sorrows of life together. And we are happy that way. Looks awkward isn’t it? But we are the best of friends. (Touch wood)



A month we all have been waiting for after the months of summer. The time when festivals start knocking the doors and suddenly summer is gone. The independence day was celebrated by the reading club members in the evening. We had a quiz and slogan competition and fun with the kids. It was a small event though but an event to remember.



I finished the draft of my third book, The Clockmaker, the paranormal jungle series. It will be released in 2017. The story is inspired by a small incident during Diwali last year. I visited a shop and adjacent to it was a clock repairing shop. It was a tiny shop and the old man behind the table was an experienced man of his profession. However, with cell phones occupying the major share of the market, I felt the need of wrist watches have decreased considerably. It is more of fashion accessory now rather than necessity. This thought inspired me to write my next novel THE CLOCKMAKER which is a paranormal thriller.


I got a scooty. TVS Jupiter. I know to drive a four wheeler but I don’t own a car. Why?? I will have to tell that story someday else. But it surely took me twenty years to actually drive a motor vehicle on regular basis. My bicycle was my anniversary gift that I flaunted shamelessly in and around my locality. Right from shopping grocery, vegetables or attending school PTM or doing my morning exercise, my bicycle was my only means of transport that I owned. I could have purchased a scooty long back but I didn’t have the confidence to ride it until one day the newly bought scooty stood in front of my gate. And after that, I never rode my bicycle again. Too bad.




I was invited to judge an interschool story writing and poem recitation competition held by Krishna Public School Raipur. It was my second year consecutive that I was invited to the event. The teachers and administration staff had shown a grand welcome and love to my writing abilities. A few of the teachers had read my first book and were now eagerly waiting for my second book.img_20161231_222306


I published my second book Grow Up Messy! It was like a dream because I wasn’t ready yet and if I didn’t have Rubina and Sonia behind my back maybe it would have taken few more months to publish my second book and had I taken the traditional route maybe the wait would have been few more years. But I am glad I self-published it and the readers have shown tremendous love to the book. I cannot assume there could be any better ending of this year.


2016 has really given me a lot of support to fulfill my dreams and I have just flapped my wings.


I have two releases lined up for this year.

  • Grow Up Messy! Part 2 – Sibling Saga
  • The Clockmaker – Jungle assault series – Paranormal Thriller.




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