The Algebra of life

My first post this year is a Gyan Varsha. Hope you relate to it.

So I was teaching Algebra to my son. This is his first time with the subject and he is also taking a keen interest in it. I am enjoying it too because at school it happened to be my favorite chapter in Mathematics. All you have to do is just understand the grouping to solve the riddle. It is fun, Algebra.

Apart from the fun, this time I saw the algebraic expression in a different manner. Somewhere I could relate it with our own identity. Lols. I know you might be smiling back at my words but there is one. Let me show you how.

According to the rules of Algebra,

When there is no constant with a variable in an algebraic expression, then it is considered to be 1

Ex:  x2y5  has no variables. Therefore the constant numerical here is 1.

Similarly, if an expression has no symbol before it then it implies it is (+)

So x2y5  is actually (+ 1x2y5)

Where + and 1 are present in the expression but hidden.

Now let’s take another example, (-2 x2y5).

In this one can clearly see,

the symbol (-) and the constant (2)

This implies, if something is not visible, its presence cannot be denied either. Like (+1) though not visible in the expression x2y5 but is very much present.

Now let’s, relate the same to our life.

Let’s look at the picture. white-926838_1920





He is alone and his expression is not visible. So maybe he is happy, sad, angry, frightened or it can be just about anything.

However, just like the expression in algebra, there are variable and constant factors in his life too. and so does the symbols. Variable can be his situation, his job, his relationship, his quest for life etc. And the symbols can be happy, sad, angry, frightened etc. There can be a constant factor too in his life as his children, parents, siblings, relatives etc. The spouse can be considered as a constant, however, technically it is not always the case with many. With divorce and extramarital affairs at rising it is better off as a variable.

So let’s get back to our man. He is alone and no expressions visible.

So this can imply, he has no constant and no symbol. Which again implies, there is something hidden which is not visible to others. He isn’t alone and he does have a symbol.

The constant factor that is with him is the God (Jiska koi nahi uska khuda hai yaaron, when there is no one there is God) and since no symbol means + therefore, what he possesses is tons of positive attitude which of course, can keep him walking up the ladder of his life if he just realize its power.

But we tend to forget it and depend more on others to make us happy or successful. If we try, things are in our hands only and with small efforts, we can bring about big positive changes in our life. All we need to do is believe in ourselves that whatever we are doing is for good.

So, man, I am never alone, as I have angels watching over my back and I love the solitude too. My positive approach keeps me moving ahead even in the rough patches of my life. So that’s the algebraic expression of my life.




5 thoughts on “The Algebra of life

  1. Such a positive approach relying on the algebra of life except I skipped the Maths symbol since it was my dreaded nightmare…ha! But the constant and variables in life can’t be denied. One of the most fantastic post I’ve read, Paromita 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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