How to write a horror story? Authors’ Tips – A to Z of Writing

My upcoming book, The Clockmaker, is a supernatural series releasing this month. So here I am  sharing a few tips on the same. Since you are reading this post so you are interested in supernatural or horror stories and maybe you are writing one too. Cool! So lets’ quickly get down to the tips but before that I would like to mention that this post is part of A to Z blog post series that a few of us, authors are doing.authors-on-a-z-of-writing

Welcome to a new series of blog posts titled “Authors’ Tips – A to Z of Writing”. Authors Devika Fernando, Preethi Venugopala, Reet Singh, Ruchi Singh, Adite Banerjie, Saiswaroopa Iyer , Sudesna Ghosh and myself — will be posting on a multitude of subjects related to writing. Topics will be chosen alphabetically and each week we propose to cover at least one or more subjects characterized by the Alphabet of the Week.

Okay, so here are a few of my tips on writing horror stories. But just for your information, they are my personal tips, one that works best for me. So please suit yourself.

  • Perfect timing is a must for me. I am usually more comfortable writing late at night. Pin drop silence around. So that when I read my horror scenes I am scared too. Especially around midnight when for some reasons all the dogs in our neighborhood start howling together. Jesus!
  • Start the story with some action scene. This is especially recommended for both thrillers and horror. Show one of your scenes that is really scary. Let the readers bite their nails and question the narrator why??
  • Remember there is no logic. When you write your story you are your best judge. Don’t let anybody else voice your thoughts. This I consider extremely important for writing. So let your story flow as it comes. For me, it’s my characters who decide the course of action they want to take. I only know the beginning and the ending of my scene, rest I flow with them. Let them meet challenges and overcome as they go.
  • When writing horror scene just make sure it is short and crispy. Play with your words, show the setting, let the reader hear the sound, let them feel what the character is feeling. Make the reader part of your story. Always remember the fear till it is undiscovered. So play along till then.
  • Ending the chapter with a cliff-hanger can be engaging. This will keep the readers questioning. But make sure you answer them in the next scene itself otherwise the excitement will die down and the reader may lose interest.
  • Every horror author has their own style of inflicting fear. Some do with zombies, some use the ghosts, some try bloodshed, some with the unknown and so on. All the factors are good as long as you stick to one of them. And whichever you choose to make sure, the tactics are same everywhere. Always give your protagonists the best they can have and then take it away from them. By the time the story ends the readers very well know who will be the winner.

There are more but I would end it here. I do hope my tips are of some help to you. Do share your thoughts on it and stay tuned for my next post.  Thanks.





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