The Insecurities of a Writer

authors-on-a-z-of-writingAbout time to confess my insecurities as a writer. Trust me I am not alone facing this. Every writer goes through this. However, there can be a slight difference in the way they react to it. Some go to hibernation, some may swear never pick up the pen again while some bounce back with the same force. Amongst all there also exists another subspecies of writers who are not even bothered about insecurities. All they do is just brush them off from their cloak and move ahead.

So watch out which league you fall into. I won’t even mention mine. I shall keep it for you to guess it. Okay, so before I start this let me remind my disclaimer once again.

Welcome to a new series of blog posts titled “Authors’ Tips – A to Z of Writing”. Authors Devika Fernando, Preethi Venugopala, Reet Singh, Ruchi Singh, Adite Banerjie, Saiswaroopa Iyer , Sudesna Ghosh and myself — will be posting on a multitude of subjects related to writing. Topics will be chosen alphabetically and each week we propose to cover at least one or more subjects characterized by the Alphabet of the Week.

Okay, so here are a few things that give me shockers.

  • A new plot for your book.

A new idea always excites me however, I am equally insecure about my idea theft. I have seen writers go bonkers over the thought of it. A plot that they have been toying around for some time is suddenly in front of them in the form of a book or series written by another writer. Oh my God! It is the biggest nightmare for any writer. Goosebumps.

  • The first draft of your book.

Oppps. It’s more like an emotional vomit actually. Pardon me for using the word but that’s how it is. Actually, the first draft has everything the writer thought to make his book stand out among the other books of the genre. The only difference is you consider this as your masterpiece and expect others to think of it too. But shit is a shit – good or bad doesn’t matter. Throw it on the wall, if it sticks on the wall it’s a good shit and if falls it’s a bad shit.  As long as it sticks its fine but if it falls down, will you still feel the same? Meaning self edit your work as if there is no stopping. Several rounds done will still make it feel as if a little more is needed. So you are trapped in this vicious circle.

  • At the editor’s table, your book is anything but at mercy.

The treatment your protagonist and the situations will get from your editor can leave you sleepless for nights. Do you take a yes or a no is all that is actually going to take place as long as your book is undergoing treatment with your editor. What you thought to be your book’s best scene might be shown the way to the trash. Are you ready to face it?

  • Your beta readers, the angels, actually your first readers.

Oops! Biting nails. Yes, you can be earnestly waiting to know the reaction of your beta readers. That’s one of the longest waits ever. They will precisely tell you how they feel about your book. Take it as they come. You have all the chances of applying the changes if you want to.

  • Finally, your book is ready for the public. Now all your chances of making any changes are gone. Of course on KDP you can always go and update your book. However, the reaction is never the same. The first time you declare that your book is out it is the readers who will give the final verdict to your book baby. As you count your sales your eyes will also be on the lookout for the reviews they leave. OMG, a poor star rating or someone has given out spoilers and you might consider your book finished even before it takes off.

Every writer goes through these insecurities irrespective of the genre of the book. However, one thing  should always be kept in mind that – one book cannot make or break a writer. So keep writing.

Overcoming all of my insecurities I have finally managed to write the Jungle Series that is based on jungle theme. The first book of the series is a stand alone novel, The Clockmaker, #paranormal #thriller #horror is ready for release very soon.

arcachon-basin-basin-of-arcachon-beach-458983 copy

You can read the excerpts and the book trailer here




7 thoughts on “The Insecurities of a Writer

  1. A very honest take on writing insecurity where you’ve bare open the struggles, challenges, feedbacks, plot draft and editing. There are very few people who can be brutal to themselves and it makes you a very secure writer in speaking about what goes in the mind.

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  3. Pingback: Authors' Tips A to Z of Writing : Complete List

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