I did it. I did it.

It took me some days but I did it. What?

This page.

You must be laughing. I am not a techie person but have been using WordPress blog for a long time. I have a blog running already, The Diary of a Rolling Stone. But then I switched to this one to make it exclusively for my books.

I published my first book in 2015. Shamsuddin’s Grave: The story of a homeless. It was self published. It topped the Amazon chart couple of times and was appreciated by both my critics and readers. My first book taught me to sail independently and I don’t regret at all. Although, I decided the publish my next work traditionally and I worked towards it too. But then the wait is too long and I have books lined up for my readers. So without second thought I went on to publish my next which is going to be released on all online platform the next month. I am happy about it and all this I am doing keeping that in mind. So that as a reader you don’t have any difficulty in finding the next in line.

My upcoming book is children e-book for the middle grades and above. Basically it is a family read book which every parent can read out to their younger children while the older children can enjoy reading it on their own.This book is a part of a series.

My next book this winter is a paranormal thriller which is suitable for young adults. Again it is part of a series.

You can know more about the books by checking out the book tab.

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