Lockdown: What has changed #2


So the list is endless. However, I will stick to the positive side of it.

Kids are the ones who are facing the consequences the most. They aren’t clear about what’s going on and why. Yet in their own way, they are trying to keep themselves busy. T.V, mobile, games whatnot. However, there is another side of it too if the elders can guide them properly. Today’s kids are a fast learner and they know how to keep pace with other kids. If one kid is doing something by default the other will follow.

As I also run a kids club, a have a small WhatsApp group of these kids. Since day one I had been asking them to show me some of their hidden talents but for some reasons no one was interested. Then I started with Gayejakyarona…the musical venture wherein every day during lockdown people from different areas are sharing their audio clips with me which I am compiling on my youtube channel. There is no hard and fast rule for sending. Share what you like to sing, with or without music it’s up to you. It will be shared.

So while I was busy with my musical venture (Now its #gayejakyarona – #26) one of the kids shared his guitar talent on the WhatsApp group. ANd the fever caught up. Next someone shared the keyboard talent. Then songs and dances. Even mimicry.

I was amazed by their hidden talents. It would be a blunder if I don’t showcase it to you all. I have picked up some of the paintings from the group. They are in the age group of 7 to 14 years of age. I hope you too get inspired by it and share it with kids.

There is positive in every situation.

All we have to do is seek it out.



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Letter X: Xcitement (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. Hope you enjoy with Misry and her sister Moon.


“Misry, you got to take care of your little sister. She is your responsibility dear when you go out to play,” reminded Madhavi. The other day Moon had lost her flying disc in the playground. And today she was asking for a new one to play with her friends.

“But Ma, I play with my friends and she with hers. How can I keep looking at her things?” nagged Misry.

“The same way as I keep a watch on both of you while you are out there playing and I am with my friends,” replied Madhavi.

“She doesn’t even listen to me!” complained Misry.

“Honey, you got to teach her that too.”

“I don’t want to babysit her when I am with my friends, Ma. Even Honey doesn’t look after his kid sister.” Misry was very adamant this time.

“It’s okay dear. You go out and play. I shall see to it.”

Misry went off to play. However, at the back of her mind she felt bad. She couldn’t figure out why she was feeling bad. Was it for not listening to her mother or was it for some other reason? But taking Moon’s responsibility was something she wasn’t ready to take.

That evening while she played with her friends she looked out for Moon in the playground. She could not find her there.

When she returned home she found Moon sitting in the dining hall and playing with her doll. “Didn’t you go out to play today?” asked Misry.

Moon shook her head and continued playing with her doll with a sullen face. Misry didn’t probe further and went on with her routine.

The following evening too Moon didn’t go out and play. Misry was growing restless now. She finally went to ask her mother about Moon. “Ma, why isn’t Moon going out to play with her friends in the playground?”

Moon stood right behind her to listen to the verdict from Ma.

“Because she is not old enough to take care of herself outside, dear. She loses her things and comes home demanding for new ones. You know how difficult it is to get new things here especially when your Daddy is not around. So I want her to learn things first and then step out to play,” answered Madhavi.

Misry turned around and saw Moon’s sad face. It tore her heart. “Alright I am ready to take care of her if that’s the case. But tell her she shouldn’t take any toy from home. There are plenty of games to play even without them. ”

Moon started jumping with joy.

Letter V: Vow (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. Hope you enjoy with Misry and her sister Moon.

Little Girl And Father Reading Book Together

“Daddy lappy lappy,” said Moon stretching her arms at Anurag.

Anurag was engrossed in the morning newspaper but his heart melt when he looked down at Moon. Quickly he kept aside the newspaper and took the little girl in his lap.

Moon circled her arm around his neck and pecked his cheek gently. “I miss you so much Daddy.”

Anurag pecked her back and said, “I miss you too dear but I have work to take care of and you know that.”

Moon nodded. She was used to his absence at home. Her father being a B.S.F officer was most of the time posted in the border areas. “Are you going to stay this weekend?” she finally asked.

“Of course dear.”

“Yeahhhh, we will go to movie then.”

“Yes of course.”

Later in the evening they went to the campus theatre hall. Since it was nearby they walked to it. On the way back, Moon again cried “lappy lappy” and Anurag lifted her in his arms and walked along with others.

Misry was watching this and out of jealousy she too asked for “lappy lappy”.

“Oh my big girl. You are grown up now. You can walk to home. Can’t you?” said Anurag pulling her close to him as they continued walking.

Misry nodded but inside she felt neglected by her father’s behaviour. All her hatred turned towards her little sister who was enjoying daddy’s love and attention now. She vowed to do something about it. It was just a few years ago that she was the pie of her daddy’s eye but now she was sharing him with her sister. Sibling jealousy was taking toll in her now. Without saying a word she walked back home holding daddy’s finger.






Letter T: Trouble (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. Hope you enjoy with Misry and her sister Moon.


“Ma I want you to style my hair like this one,” said Moon while dressing up for school.

“What’s the fuss dear? You might be late for school,” warned Madhavi. She had just finished parting Moon’s hair in the middle and was making a pony tail.

“No. I don’t like it. I want this one.” Moon was holding a page from the magazine and showing it to her mother. The page had a picture of a girl off to school. Her hairstyle had two thinner braids, starting right near the temple on either side of the head, merging into the main braid at the back.

“But Moon, your hair isn’t that long dear.”

“Ma please.”

“Okay shona.” And Madhavi styled Moon’s hair just as in the picture. When Moon checked in the mirror she was mesmerized. She hugged her mother and kissed her thank you. Then she went off to her school.

Madhavi got back to her house work. She had ounce to finish before her daughters would be returning from school. Both the girls followed different timings. Misry went to school in the early morning shift and came back by lunch while Moon left for school late in the morning and returned half an hour after Misry.

After finishing her work Madhavi waited for her daughter to return from school. Misry came back in her speculated time. As a dotted mother Madhavi took care of her and then waited for Moon to return from school.

Moon had now joined the kindergarten and she was going to a new school in the neighbourhood. And luckily it provided school bus service however the school was not very far from home either.

That day the school bus returned home without Moon. Madhavi was worried when she saw her child missing in the bus.

“Where is Moon? Why isn’t she in the bus?” demanded Madhavi to the driver.

“Memsahab, Moon doesn’t want to come home. She is still in school with other children. We tried a lot but she would run away every time we went to get her. In the end we decided to drop the other kids home first before getting her home,” replied the driver affter getting down from the bus.

As it is, it was the campus school and everybody knew each other well. However, Madhavi was still very worried. “But why did she stay back? Did the teacher ask her?”

“I have no idea memsahib. But I will get the information if you want me to.”

“No. You carry on. I shall visit the school myself and see what is going on.”

“Ho, memsahib,” said the driver as he got up in the bus and drove away to drop the kids at their home.

Madhavi reversed her car from the parking and drove towards Moon’s school.

Letter S : Solution (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. Hope you enjoy with Misry and her sister Moon.


The silence outside was confusing her. She tried hard to pick up the noise outside the bathroom door but all she heard was dead silence that was getting disturbed by the occasional whistle of the pressure cooker in the kitchen.

I am not going to stand here the whole day wandering what Di is up to. I need to go out and find for myself. Moon made up her mind and took a quick shower.

Misry smiled as she heard the water splash from the outside. Hmm.. Not a bad start, a good way to charm my little sister out of that hole. She was all set for Mission Bathroom. She quickly rushed into her room and took out her swimming costume from her wardrobe and waited for Moon to show up at her door.

Within a few seconds Moon showed up outside her door wrapped in a large size towel, water droplets tickled down her hair wetting the floor. Her exquisite eyes never left Misry who was now standing in front of the mirror with the swimming costume in her hand.

Misry put the costume across her chest and started checking it out in her reflection on the mirror. She turned to Moon and said, “This one looks a little faded isn’t it? I should ask Ma to get me a new one.”

Moon was confused. Isn’t she going to miss her school bus? What is she doing with the swimming costume? “”

“I am thinking of swimming. Guess I don’t need the bathroom anymore. You enjoy your time there while I enjoy mine in the vast pool with Honey and Boney. I shall take bath there henceforth. So now tell me should I get a new one?” From the corner of the eye she watched Moon’s reaction.

Swimming in the morning is a good idea in this summer. I don’t want to waste my time here in the bathroom. “I shall go too,” declared Moon.”

Hmm. So my idea works. She is in for it. Now I have to play safe. Misry shook her head.  “Nope. They won’t allow you. First you don’t have a costume and second you are still a kid.”

“What kid? I go to school now! I want to go swimming too!”

Misry very slowly turned to her and said, “I want you to come along dear. But will Ma allow?”

Moon didn’t waste another second. She rushed to Madhavi while Misry quietly made her way to the bathroom. From inside she could hear Moon throwing her tantrums at Madhavi.

“I don’t know Ma. I want to go swimming. Now!” She was jumping.

“What swimming are you talking about? We didn’t discuss any such thing?”

“I want to go! Ma please! Please, please, please. ”

“But you have just had your bath.”

“Ma, please it’s so hot. See I am sweating again. Let me go down in the pool. Please.”

“Moon you should…..”

Misry smiled. She had successfully diverted her little sister’s mind. Now Moon would be off to the pool instead in the morning. Mission Bathroom accomplished. She turned on the tap and let the cold water splash over her head.

Letter R: Rage (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. Hope you enjoy with Misry and her sister Moon.


“Ma see, Moon is not getting out of the bathroom. I am getting late for school,” said Misry angrily. This had become their daily affair. Every time Misry gets ready to go for bath in the morning Moon would rush in unannounced and occupy the bathroom. Misry had been having trouble getting ready in her specified time and almost missed her school bus twice this week.

“Why do both of you have to get ready at the same time? You can do that a little early and she can do it a bit late. Why is there so much fuss about everything with you sisters? We too have grown up with siblings but never roped in Ma for anything. Our issues were always resolved among us. But look at you two?” hissed Madhavi.

She was having a tough time handling all the morning chores alone. Lakhi, their maid had gone home and Madhavi hadn’t found another maid as yet. Hence the stress. But this the children never understood.

All Misry gathered was she was old enough to handle things herself now. So be it. She was ready to fight the battle. Mission Bathroom had to be accomplished anyhow. She tip toed near the bathroom and put her ear on the door. There was silence inside. Of course Moon wasn’t doing anything inside. She was just wasting her time and mine. But you little sister, just wait and see now.

Moon was not ignorant to the silence outside. As long as Misry was cribbing to Madhavi outside she was smiling inside the bathroom. She enjoyed giving hard times to Misry especially when it was the school bus time. How she hated going to school in her tricycle and longed to go to school in a school bus just like Misry. Hence every day she would figure out something or the other in the morning so that Misry misses her school bus. But now the silence outside was killing her. What is she up to? Is she getting ready for school with taking a bath?

Moon put her hears on the door and tried to listen.




Letter Q: Quirky Solution (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. Hope you enjoy with Misry and her sister Moon.



Moon was growing very empathetic towards her classmates. Shantanu wanted to eat the boiled egg in his tiffin while Priya wanted to go home, Heena wanted to go shopping. But how?

She earnest looked at the beaten faces of her classmates and thought of the solution. It was just because of the goddamn school bell. Hmm… thats it. It’s the bell. I need to do something about it. But what?

Moon sat down quietly only to think of some other idea. In a few minutes she got up  and asked, “I want to go to the washroom.”

Mrs. Jolly asked the aaya and she escorted Moon to the wash room. On the way Moon saw the solution to everyone’s problem, the bell. It was a big gong hanging outside from one of the poles of the varandah of their school near the staff room.  There was a mallet too hanging from a nail on the wall in the varendah. All she had to do was ring the bell and everyone can go home or eat their tiffin. But the problem was its height. It was difficult for moon to reach it. So she needed assistance in the crime.

Who better than Rohit? He is tall and competent too.

She walked back to her classroom and shared her intentions with Rohit. Naugty as he was, his eyes sparkled at the thought of it.

“Good idea! But I can’t do it alone.”

He roped in his cousin Shyam, the shy guy of their class and together the trio went off to execute the plan. It wasn’t easy. But they didn’t back off.

First Rohit went out of the class and then Shyam followed. The excuse was wash room of course. Moon too followed them saying she had dropped her hair clip in the wash room and need to trace it back.

Mrs. Jolly who was already facing a hard time with the kids didn’t bother much and allowed them with the aaya again. The boys and girls washroom was adjacent and the aaya waited for the kids outside the washroom area.

Another aaya brought another bunch of kids from another section to the washroom area and the two ladies engaged in small chit chat while kids the finished their business in their respective washrooms.

Moon and her new friends took the brilliant opportunity and escaped unseen from the washroom. They headed straight for the gong. Rohit made a plan. With Shaym he was complete. Moon and Shyam held him up in their arms while he grasped the pole and hit the mallet on the gong several times before running off to their class. Hearing the bell the kids rushed out of their classes with their bags screaming “Chutti  chutti ” and nobody dared to stop them. That day the school was over half an hour early.


Letter P: Preparing for the Classroom (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. Hope you enjoy with Misry and her sister Moon.


“Kids sit down on your benches and don’t make a noise.”

Mrs. Jolly had been saying this for the nth time in the classroom. But the new batch was turning out to be just too much for her. Every now and then they were up to something.

Moon sat in the class excited. She loved Mrs. Jolly’s hair. They were long black curls, just like the snakes. She just loved watching them falling over her eyes as Mrs. Jolly shoved them behind her ears. Just beside her sat Ronak, the naughtiest and the most intelligent one.

“Come on kids lets sing Row Row…..” before she could finish the kids were on the desk again shouting “Row row row your boat gently down the stream….”

Mrs. Jolly was pulling her hair now. How to make them sit and sing had been her agenda for the most of the time in the class. And when she was done with that assignment then she had the job of stopping Shantanu from eating his tiffin.

“Miss do you know Mommy has given me boiled egg for tiffin. Can I have it now?” asked Shantanu innocently.

“Not now Shantanu didn’t I tell you after the bell rings,” said Mrs. Jolly as sweetly as she could.

“But Miss I think they have forgotten to ring the bell today. It’s been sooooo long now. And you know Mommy has given…..”

“I know Shantanu Mommy has given you boiled eggs for tiffin but sweet heart just wait for a while,” Mrs Jolly cut him short.

Shantanu sat down quietly for another five minutes.

“Miss I want to go home…please send me home…I don’t want to come to school,” pleaded Priya with big sobs.

“Hold on Priya. See once the bell rings you can go home, okay dear” assured Mrs. Jolly patting the crying child. Just then another child was claiming on some else’s accessories. “Heena don’t pull Radha’s hair band. No! I said stop it. Heena!”

But Heena just loved the hair band on Radha’s head and she didn’t mind pulling it off the other child’s head. Radha could not understand first what was happening but when she did she started crying. Mrs. Jolly ran to shush her and handed her back the hair band from Heena. “Tell your mother to buy one for you, okay dear?” said Mrs. Jolly to the kid.

“Hmm..Miss when will I go home?” asked Heena.

“Once the bell rings dear,” replied Mrs. Jolly with a sigh.

Moon sat quietly watching everything in the classroom.