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Radio has been a part of our life since as long as we can remember. From single station to multichannel Fm stations there are so many available now. Many of us might have a secret aspiration to become RJ one day or a newsreader maybe. Yeah I was one of the dreamers.  As a child I use to hear the radio running the daily morning news at 8.00 am,  my dad was very particular about it, and would mimic the newsreader later. Even now while working in the kitchen I always have the radio for company.

And today I am very excited to share with you all that I am very glad to be part of one of Glad to be a part of one of the prestigious institutions of India, Prasar Bharati. Come and be a part of my show at Akaswani Raipur. 🙏🎻


Book Review: A Night in Achanakmar (Jungle Series Book 2)

The Diary Of A Rolling Stone

“I would say that this book simply blew my mind. It is super short yet amazingly entertaining and absorptive. I have always loved the author’s writing style especially the magic she creates with the strength of the emotions. This book is amazingly true to its genre. Loved it.” – Merrianil

A Night at Achanakmar




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