Lockdown: What has changed #2


So the list is endless. However, I will stick to the positive side of it.

Kids are the ones who are facing the consequences the most. They aren’t clear about what’s going on and why. Yet in their own way, they are trying to keep themselves busy. T.V, mobile, games whatnot. However, there is another side of it too if the elders can guide them properly. Today’s kids are a fast learner and they know how to keep pace with other kids. If one kid is doing something by default the other will follow.

As I also run a kids club, a have a small WhatsApp group of these kids. Since day one I had been asking them to show me some of their hidden talents but for some reasons no one was interested. Then I started with Gayejakyarona…the musical venture wherein every day during lockdown people from different areas are sharing their audio clips with me which I am compiling on my youtube channel. There is no hard and fast rule for sending. Share what you like to sing, with or without music it’s up to you. It will be shared.

So while I was busy with my musical venture (Now its #gayejakyarona – #26) one of the kids shared his guitar talent on the WhatsApp group. ANd the fever caught up. Next someone shared the keyboard talent. Then songs and dances. Even mimicry.

I was amazed by their hidden talents. It would be a blunder if I don’t showcase it to you all. I have picked up some of the paintings from the group. They are in the age group of 7 to 14 years of age. I hope you too get inspired by it and share it with kids.

There is positive in every situation.

All we have to do is seek it out.



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Our children during lockdown


I am an old school woman. So I don’t understand all these apps and their application. And frankly, I don’t even want to stress myself out for the same. Putting children to online classes and making them study online during lockdown is something I am unable to sink in.  When they haven’t got the opportunity to purchase their books or go to their new class how can one feel the new session. At least I feel the need for it.

I have only one logic – when the world has shut down who are you trying to equip to be a winner. I stand to my words. Today’s education is not nurturing human but robots to be a winner in the race. But what is this race all about when there is no finish line?

In my growing years, I lived in places that were turbulently affected due to Maoist, communal riots, floods. So curfew, lockdown isn’t new for me. We have been trained to live in limited resources. And it was an era of the 80s that I am talking about. So no phone, tv. These came into our lives in later years but then also the services weren’t available as it is now. Right on the fingertips.

I have never seen my parents or my teachers run after my life to complete the syllabus during these emergencies. It was more of an empathetic interaction during those days which I find lacking nowadays.

Education should be fun and not a burden both for students and teachers. It should target into making humans, not technicians and C.E.Os. Because life is not only about them. It’s about living. And this we are already facing. So why we are repeating the same.

During this crisis let the kids be on their own. Like adults, they don’t have access to their friends on social media and going out is out of the question. So let them be as they please. There will be a time once this lockdown is over when we can discipline them again for studies. For now, let them be THEM.

If a child is bored at home, they can be encouraged to do creative work, get him do house chores or they can read storybooks or maybe see and learn stuff on the internet. But studies shouldn’t be a compulsion just to finish syllabus.

I would never study during the lockdown. COME ON I NEED MY SPACE





Letter Z: Zest (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. Hope you enjoy with Misry and her sister Moon.


“Ma are we going somewhere? Why are you packing our things?” Misry asked after returning from school.

“Yes dear. We are moving to Assam in a week’s time. Your daddy has now been posted there,” informed Madhavi.

“Are Honey and Boney too coming along? I mean has uncle been posted there too?” Misry was concerned.

“Nope dear. It’s your father’s promotion posting.”

“Wow! Daddy has been promoted! So now he can stay at home with us, right?”

“I wish so dear but I don’t know. You should ask Daddy.”

“Where is he?”

“He shall be back from office in an hour or so.”

“Okay. I shall ask him then.”

Anurag came home at lunch and was very touched by Misry’s question. He knew his family missed him very much but then he knew he can’t do anything about it.

“Yes dear we are leaving by Monday. And hopefully we are going to stay together this time,” replied Anurag to his curious daughters.

A farewell party was organized for them in the Officers Mess. All the officers’ families in the campus came to congratulate Anurag. The officers also made him sit on a chair and carried him out of the hall on their shoulder singing the famous song-

For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow

For he’s a jolly good fellow (pause), and so say all of us

And so say all of us, and so say all of us

For he’s a jolly good fellow, for he’s a jolly good fellow

For he’s a jolly good fellow (pause), and so say all of us!


It was a ritual they always did for the parting officer.

Moon and Misry along with the other children followed the men singing the song behind. They were too small to understand what was going on. But their excitement never died down. A new place, new friends, new school had always excited them. And they were more excited when they came to know that Anurag was going to take charge in Kaziranga, the famous national park home to one horned rhino.

However, at heart she knew she would be missing her besties Honey and Boney. Honey was in tears to part with his best friend.


And with this we have come to an end of the AtoZ2019 challenge.

This is time to thank you all. Without your presence and followups my challenge would not have been complete. It was also very wonderful to read your blogs. Variety is the spice of life. Glad to have found you guys. Thanks.



Letter Y: Yours Only (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. Hope you enjoy with Misry and her sister Moon.



Moon as an infant


“Moon come on it is time to go home!”

“Just a bit more Di. I am enjoying the swing,” replied Moon from the swing.

Misry waited for her sister for some time. The hands of the clock ticked away but Moon was enjoying herself. In the end, Misry was angry with her little sister. She left her alone in the playground and came back home.

At home she refreshed up and waited for her evening snacks.

“Where is Moon?” Madhavi asked bring in the snacks tray along with a glass of warm milk.

“She is playing in the swing. I called her several times but she doesn’t want to come home,” answered Misry.

“What? And you left her there?” Madhavi was shocked.

“What could I do? I was hungry.”

“But Misry, didn’t you take her along saying you will take care of her?”

“Yeah Ma I did. But she isn’t listening to me. What do I do?”

“Okay. You have your snacks then. I will go and get her.”

Misry licked the cream out of the biscuit quietly. She didn’t want to think of her younger sister. However, there was something going on at the back of her mind. She was feeling restless.

Madhavi returned with Moon after a short while. Moon was crying. Her knee was bruised and blood was oozing out of the wound. Madhavi quickly made her sit in one of the dining chairs and rushed inside to get the first aid.

Misry’s heart churned looking at Moon. She quickly came to see her sister. “What happened? How did you fall down?”

In between her sobs Moon said, “Gautam pushed me off the swing.”

Gautam was one of their neighbor’s son who was a very naughty child and of Misry’s age.


“He wanted the swing.”

Misry’s heart filled with revenge for her sister hearing that but one look at her sister’s face reminded her that it was her mistake. Had she not left her sister alone in the playground Gautam would never have dared to do this? Revenge was immediately replaced by remorse and Misry hugged her little sister. “Nobody can harm you henceforth, you are my responsibility now,” she said.

Moon stopped crying hearing it. She had no reasons to fear anyone now for her big sister was at her side.

Letter X: Xcitement (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. Hope you enjoy with Misry and her sister Moon.


“Misry, you got to take care of your little sister. She is your responsibility dear when you go out to play,” reminded Madhavi. The other day Moon had lost her flying disc in the playground. And today she was asking for a new one to play with her friends.

“But Ma, I play with my friends and she with hers. How can I keep looking at her things?” nagged Misry.

“The same way as I keep a watch on both of you while you are out there playing and I am with my friends,” replied Madhavi.

“She doesn’t even listen to me!” complained Misry.

“Honey, you got to teach her that too.”

“I don’t want to babysit her when I am with my friends, Ma. Even Honey doesn’t look after his kid sister.” Misry was very adamant this time.

“It’s okay dear. You go out and play. I shall see to it.”

Misry went off to play. However, at the back of her mind she felt bad. She couldn’t figure out why she was feeling bad. Was it for not listening to her mother or was it for some other reason? But taking Moon’s responsibility was something she wasn’t ready to take.

That evening while she played with her friends she looked out for Moon in the playground. She could not find her there.

When she returned home she found Moon sitting in the dining hall and playing with her doll. “Didn’t you go out to play today?” asked Misry.

Moon shook her head and continued playing with her doll with a sullen face. Misry didn’t probe further and went on with her routine.

The following evening too Moon didn’t go out and play. Misry was growing restless now. She finally went to ask her mother about Moon. “Ma, why isn’t Moon going out to play with her friends in the playground?”

Moon stood right behind her to listen to the verdict from Ma.

“Because she is not old enough to take care of herself outside, dear. She loses her things and comes home demanding for new ones. You know how difficult it is to get new things here especially when your Daddy is not around. So I want her to learn things first and then step out to play,” answered Madhavi.

Misry turned around and saw Moon’s sad face. It tore her heart. “Alright I am ready to take care of her if that’s the case. But tell her she shouldn’t take any toy from home. There are plenty of games to play even without them. ”

Moon started jumping with joy.

Letter W: Weary Feet (AtoZ2019)

I am doing #atozchallenge2019 on my blog. Everyday in the month of April In will be doing the letters from AtoZ with the with small scenes from my WIP The Sibling Saga. Hope you enjoy with Misry and her sister Moon.


Misry and Moon always loved going to the Officer Mess with Anurag. He usually took the girls along.  They loved watching TV or listening to records on the stereo while Anurag spent time with his fellow officers. The girls had special liking for Nazia Hassan’s Disco Deewane.

Both the girls listened to the whole record and danced too while Anurag enjoyed football match on TV with the other officers. The speciality that evening for both Moon and Misry was a bottle of Thums Up, Limca or Gold Spot.

Back in the eighties fizzy drinks were not that easily available in the stores as they were available now and the campus where Anurag lived was in the countryside. So he made sure his daughters were well treated in the Officer’s Mess and get what they ask for.

Finally it was time to go back home and they were all very excited after a fabulous evening together. They headed for home where Madhavi was waiting at dinner for them. They quickly crossed the long varanda and took the steps leading out to the road to their home.

As it is home was at a walking distance from the Officer’s Mess but as it was dark and Moon as usual cried on “lappy lappy” to Anurag.

As a doting father, Anurag didn’t waste a minute fulfilling his younger daughter’s wish. He sat down on the step lending his back for a ride home. He said with his back towards them, “Here, come on dear.”

Misry saw this as an opportunity she had been waiting for so long. She had always longed for Daddy’s lap but Moon had always ruined her dreams. But this time she was going to avenge it. Even a ride home on Daddy’s back was a big moment for her. Unannounced she shoved aside Moon gently and clung to Anurag’s back.

“You have put on weight,” said Anurag putting his hand around to balance the child. Never did it occur to him that it could be his elder daughter on his back. He blamed it to his long absentees at home that he didn’t get a chance to watch his children grow. He got up and started walking towards home.

Moon was too small to understand what had just happened and kept waiting for her turn where Misry had left her. When she saw Anurag leaving she realized she was left behind. Panic griped her and she cried out,”Daddy, what about me?”

Anurag was stunned hearing her and turned around immediately. He found Moon standing in the veranda. He understood that Misry had played a prank. He turned to Misry at his back and said laughing, “So it’s you and I assumed you to be Moon. No doubt you have grown up child.”

“I am not getting down Daddy,” said Misry with conviction.

Anurag realized that the child needed his attention. “You don’t have to dear. You are my angel. Both of you will get a ride from Daddy. Come on Moon jump into my arms and Misry hold on tight to me.

Moon didn’t waste a second and got into Anurag’s arms.

Anurag walked home with both the girls- one on his lap and the other on his back while the kids clung on to him proudly.

When they reached home Madhavi couldn’t stop herself and asked, “You didn’t have to do it? They could walk.”

“I am a father Madhavi. I can’t let them down. See they are so happy.”