Shasti: What are you waiting for?

A day that marks the official announcement of the Durga Puja celebrations. Still thinking what to make of this day? Here is what can keep you busy throughout the day.


Here is the opportunity to flaunt your new saree. Probably cotton and silk saree call for this occassion. Preferably light shades to keep you both comfortable and look elegant throughout the puja ceremony in the pandal. Also keep your makeup and accessories to the minimal.


Evening time you can grearup for another stunning round of fashion trends. Both sarees and dresses are the call of the time. Get into your best attire and enjoy the festive ambiance with family and friends. Now is the time for pandal hopping and enjoying cultural programs.  And don’t forget to enjoy the lavish bengalisnacks and cuisines.

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Panchami: Whats Special?

Panchami is the unofficial start of the Durga Puja of the bengalis.

So whats special on this day?

  • The arrival of Durga idol in the pandal.


  • The dhakis beat the drum to announce the arrival of the Mother.


  • The pandal comes alive with the crowd. You can laze around watching the latest fashion trend live in the pandal or even set the trend.


  • And for the food lovers, there is always Anand Mela which in which the community ladies and gents sell home made food. No need to cook dinner enjoy food in the pandal with family and friends.


So enjoy this Navratris and Durga puja with lots of fun and passion.



Navratri Celebrations

Every festival in India has its own flavours. Navratris is one of them. For ten days and nights Goddess Amba is worshipped in various forms. Bengalis worship the Mahishasurmardini form of the Goddess Amba. From panchami the Durpa puja celebrations of the bengalis start.

However, the festivities doesnot start from that day. It starts much before the arrival of the Goddess. Yes gearing up for the celebration is more exciting than anything else. Especially with the ladies.

Shop hopping for the latest saree, accessories and all is part of this excitement.

And today I want to highlight the essence of the glass bangles topping the accessories list. I love to flaunt my glass bangles during the festival. My favourite bangle shop here offers all variety of glass bangles and the best part is the slamesman are marvelous in making a designer set for you in no time.

I love to flaunt mine during these days.

What about you?


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