Bollywood calling

My latest horror book has been compared to Bollywood movies by the readers. Here are a few of them

– very well narrated by the author in a dramatic way just like a Bollywood movie

-The story reminded me of the Bollywood move Kaal.

– it kind of felt like a Bollywood horror movie I watched few years back,

So I can hear #bollywood calling.
What do you think?

A Night at Achanakmar

Jungle Series Book 2

(Standalone Novelette)

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And some promotion moments from Amazon
A night at Achanakmar is at #21 #bestsellerhorror list today. Very proud to share space with Stephen King and Dan Brown. Doesn’t happen always.

Also Amazon recommending my work to the horror lovers.




Book Reviews : A Night at Achanakmar (Jungle Series Book 2)

A Night at Achanakmar

Jungle Series Book 2

(Standalone Novelette)

You can get your copy from

a few more to share with you all.

Some have liked it very much and some just an average. But it is worth mentioning all. So here it goes.


“After a long time I’m reading a book in this genre. By seeing the cover and the title the readers can get an idea about the book.”




“Amazing. Unlike any other horror books”




“Having read a different genre from the author, it was a decent attempt.”



The Timepiece: Now Free Read (Horror Thriller)

Hey guys very glad to announce that the prelude of the Clockmaker ,

THE TIMEPIECE is now available on Smashwords for Free download.

Do check it out.

#supernatural #thriller #pranormalIndianDrama #prelude #jungleseriesbook1

clockmaker preview 1

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And finally the book is here




Title: A Night at Achanakmar (Jungle Series Book2)


Author: Paromita Goswami


Genre: Spooky,  Horror,  Supernatural




Maya and her family set out for a weekend trip to Amarkantak. However, due to foggy weather and some unexpected delays later, they end up lost in the jungle. With dusk fast approaching and no way to find help in a no-network zone, their car breaks down. Will they survive or will something untoward happen to them in the mysterious jungle of Achanakmar?

Join the family in this road-trip of a lifetime that will leave you puzzled forever.

Jungle Series – Get ready to be assaulted!

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