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Radio has been a part of our life since as long as we can remember. From single station to multichannel Fm stations there are so many available now. Many of us might have a secret aspiration to become RJ one day or a newsreader maybe. Yeah I was one of the dreamers.  As a child I use to hear the radio running the daily morning news at 8.00 am,  my dad was very particular about it, and would mimic the newsreader later. Even now while working in the kitchen I always have the radio for company.

And today I am very excited to share with you all that I am very glad to be part of one of Glad to be a part of one of the prestigious institutions of India, Prasar Bharati. Come and be a part of my show at Akaswani Raipur. 🙏🎻


Post AtoZchallenge2019 blog updates

So I am a survivor of the month long challenge AtoZ2019. The entire month of April the bloggers are required to post on their blogs alphabetically.  It was a time to know new bloggers and read new blogs. I won’t hesitate saying that I could not visit much blog this time because of other engagements. However, I promise to do them now.

Now what? May has started and what are the plans.

So here is the list of what is happening this month on my blog.

Coming up with

  • Book Giveaway
  • Winning ARC copies of my upcoming book.
  • Short story contest.

Tune up and be engaged in a month long affair once more.



My storytelling experience


So in the kids carnival I had been invited for storytelling to the kids. It was a big opportunity for  me as I was seeing instant reaction of the kids as I was telling them stories from my books Grow Up Messy! and The Santa’s Gift. Here is series of dialogues that a few of the kids had with me.

Me: Did you ever got a chance to climb trees?

Kids: But why do we have to climb trees?

Me: No. No. You don’t have to. You see kids enjoy plucking mangoes from the tree and that too when the guard is having his siesta. You see thats what Misry and her gang of village kids use to do in the lazy summer afternoon. Its fun. (I stressed the last word a bit)

Kids: But maam, we don’t have mango tress around so we guess we are going to miss all the fun. Anyways what happened next.

Me: And then …..(I could see their gleaming with happiness as if they were part of the gang)

Kid: Ouch! Didn’t she get hurt when she fell down from the Machan?

Me: Yeah it did hurt her but you see she had landed on the sleeping guard and woke him up.

Kid: OMG! She should run then.

Me: Blah blah ….So Misry goes to Bheeu’s house to looks at the goat kids.

Kid: A goat?

Me: Yeah a goat. Haven’t you seen one?

Kid: I don’t remember seeing one.

Me: (googled for Goat) Here see this pic.

Kid: Oh this I have seen. They are bought young and fed very well until they grow up and then one day they are chopped off.

Me. Silent.

Living in big cities these kids haven’t come enough closer to nature to undersand the beauty of it. I wish this generation gets to have more fun outdoor without any props and gazattes like the kids in the 80s and 90s .





Kids Giveaway Contest!

#Giveaway for kids

With kids exams over it is the best time to indulge them in reading books. And what better way if they can win a book and goodies bag along.

So here is your chance to play and WIN.

5 kindle copies of The Santa’s Gift + Goodies bag for kids

(Open to individual legal residents in India and are the older of 18 years )

Just click on the picture to win the  rafflecopter giveaway.

The Wedding Gift

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