Book Review A Night at Achanakmar (Jungle Series Book 2)


“The descriptions are detailed and the scenes could be easily picturized. The suspense is maintained till the end of the book with all the twists and the turns.” – Arti Metroreader


Jungle Series Book 2

(Standalone Novelette)

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Book Reviews : A Night at Achanakmar (Jungle Series Book 2)

A Night at Achanakmar

Jungle Series Book 2

(Standalone Novelette)

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a few more to share with you all.

Some have liked it very much and some just an average. But it is worth mentioning all. So here it goes.


“After a long time I’m reading a book in this genre. By seeing the cover and the title the readers can get an idea about the book.”




“Amazing. Unlike any other horror books”




“Having read a different genre from the author, it was a decent attempt.”



Book Review: #9 The Clockmaker

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Starting with an interesting and riveting prelude, the book takes us on a journey through time and space only to tell us that one’s destiny is predetermined. Tempted to tamper with it? Go ahead…..But get ready for a shock. Just like Time and tide wait for no man, destiny too does not bow down before the mortal. – Geeta Nair

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Book Review: #8 The Clockmaker

Book reviews I can’t stop sharing because they are my tonic for the next. They keep me going, working towards my goal. Here are two of those recent posted. You can check them up in goodreads or amazon.


“I completed it in a day” – Lata Sunil, Blogger




“Paromita Goswami is a magician and her unique skills in bringing two worlds together in one frame where no gap lurches in this terrific composition. It’s an adventure and thrilling ride, a wonder similar to the fantasy tales we read in childhood but she takes it further in escalated tension and intensity.” – Vishal Bheeroo




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