Lockdown: The Mysteries of the Universe



I have something to share with all of you.

I dunno whether you believe in astrology or not but I am a firm believer. Its science and mathematics to be precise. Whatever happens, it’s all predefined. We are a part of this universe so definitely, the cosmos does play a major role in our lives be it finance, relationship, career, etc.

For the last three years or so I have discovered my knack of digging the mysteries of the universe. It was fun earlier but as time went on I was fascinated by its depth. How things are interlinked? How a certain shift can trigger a tornado of energies? How each of us perceives this energy in different ways in our lives.

Understanding the planets and stars can really tell a lot about your life – past, present and future. I can keep talking about it but why I mainly started to write this article was because of a discovery I made a few days ago in one of the YouTube channels.

It was a prophecy made by a kid in August 2019, about the danger hovering on our universe from November 2019 to April 2020. And here we are fight against COVID 19 that has brought the entire world into a halt.

You can also check out the channel here,

Bollywood calling

My latest horror book has been compared to Bollywood movies by the readers. Here are a few of them

– very well narrated by the author in a dramatic way just like a Bollywood movie

-The story reminded me of the Bollywood move Kaal.

– it kind of felt like a Bollywood horror movie I watched few years back,

So I can hear #bollywood calling.
What do you think?

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