Paigam : Message (Hindi Poem)

When the wait is too long….



Jadugar – The Magician (Hindi Poem)

While undergoing the last phase of polishing of my novel THE CLOCKMAKER (The Jungle series Book 1 #supernatural #Indian drama) which is due very shortly I thought of sharing one of my poems with you.

Its not always good to fall in love. Beware of the magicians who can cast their spell on you and break your dreams.


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Kya Mein Azaad Hun ? : My freedom? (Hindi Poem)

We celebrated our 72nd Independence day on 15th August, 2018. But are we really independent? When the chains of our patriarch society is so strong can we, the women folk, really be independent?

This poem is dedicated to all women who made a difference to their lives inspite of all the challenges they faced at the hands of our society.




Photo courtesy : Mathilda Khoo


Armaan : The Wish (Hindi Poetry)

Brothels have survived for generations. However, life breathes there too…Unfortunately nobody has a heart to see that. No woman is born to be there and yet thousands of girls find themselves there each passing day, mostly trafficked.

I dedicate this poem to those people who have come forward to help these women live with dignity if not anything else.