Patjhar : Autumn (Hindi Poem)

When love hurts…it’s better to move on.




Mukhote: The Mask (Hindi Poem)

Social media is very much part of our life and our Dp represents who we are. But does our Dp really show the frame of mind? Many times we fake it.

Life is always not a blessing. Its full of challenges. Sometimes it breaks us sometimes it makes us. When the time is good we are happy and let the world know about it. However, when it is the other way round we tend to hide it behind our mask.


Mehram : A Close Friend (Hindi Poem)

If we want we can make a difference to a life. All it needs is just a smile to connect but we are so busy in our own issues that even if we want to we are unable to take initiative.

This poem is written with the Christmas in mind when the winter is merciless and there are so many out there who need the warmth of our love and care. Can we really share a moment with them and bring a smile to their hopeful eyes?