Character Interview of the book The Clockmaker

“A clock fixed by us never stops working.”

                                                                            – Ashish Raj Gupta


Let’s welcome Ashish Raj Gupta, the protagonist of the book THE CLOCKMAKER, to our hot seat today.

(A man in his early forties enters nervously folding his hands and takes the seat)

Q: Hello Ashish, how have you been?

Ashish: Feeling better now. Thank you. (Looks around)

Q:  You are a very passionate clockmaker. Did you always know that you will take on your family legacy?

Ashish: I grew up listening to the stories of valor of clock making from my Biji and grandfather. From antique timepiece to modern watches we have fixed them all successfully. A saying goes, “A clock fixed by us never stops working.” We are one of the affluent families in the community.

I could never imagine myself in any other profession.

Q: That’s amazing. Does your son too wish to join this family legacy?

Ashish: I am very positive about it. He will when the time comes. He is too young now, so I don’t want to persuade him into anything.

Q:  Ashish, I heard that something happened during the Vaishno Devi trip. What happened there?

Ashish:  (Beads of perspiration on his forehead and he looks very distant suddenly. The feeling of uneasiness clearly shown on his face. He looks down at the wristwatch on his hand and then looking up said in almost a whisper) I can’t answer your question. I got to go!

Q:  Ashish please wait… Is everything alright?

Ashish leaves without looking back.

Let’s welcome Vicky, one of the supporting characters of the novel.

(A young man in his twenties enters smiling confidently and takes his seat)

Vicky: It is my pleasure to be here today. Actually, I am glad to skip my classes today. (Smiles)

Q: Oh! Is it? Okay, tell us something about yourself first.

Vicky: Hi all. I am Vikram Raj Gupta, Vicky for short. I am pursuing Business studies at the moment but that’s because of my Nanu. My passion lies elsewhere – Speed, Biking. I want to participate in the Mountain Biking Rally someday and show the world what I am capable of.

Q: Wow! Does your family know about your passion?

Vicky: (Shrugs) I don’t think so. They don’t even know I am part of the Biker’s Gang. Otherwise, I would have been thrown out of the house long back. (Thinking) I long for their support sometimes but I know it’s not possible.

Q: Sorry to hear that. So are you not going to pursue your dream then?

Vicky: Yeah, of course. Someday I will. But before that, I have to win their trust in me. Right now they are more worried about my professional career.

Q: So are you going to be a clockmaker like your father?

Vicky : (Looks up with a sheepish smile on his face)

I hate to answer it.

Q: Okay. I shall move on to the next question then. Any girlfriend?

Vicky: Umm…

(Blushing again and avoiding eye contact. No answer)

Q: So I guess there is one. What’s her name?

Vicky: (saying shyly) We are just friends.

Q: (Laughs) So you haven’t proposed her yet?

Vicky: Just waiting for the right time I guess.

Q: Hmm, I guess I can make it out now. Okay here is the lifetime opportunity for you then. I am inviting Kavya Menon.

Readers, let’s welcome Kavya Menon, another supporting character of the novel.

 (A girl in her early twenties walks in smiling and waving her hand. Vicky stands up looking nervous)

Q: Hi Kavya. Good to see you here.

Kavya: (Takes her seat beside Vicky) Hello to you all.

(Turns to Vicky)

Glad to see you here Vicky. I am so damn nervous.

Vicky: Me too.

(Shakes hand with her)

Q: Kavya how long have you known Vicky?

Kavya: We met a few days back. Strange he is my classmate too but we hardly interacted before.

Vicky: That’s because I am the backbencher and she is the frontbencher. (laughs)

Kavya: (Gives a naughty glare)

Q: Quite obvious it seems. So Kavya what are your dreams?

Kavya: My family is my dream. I have very loving parents who have always encouraged each one of us to dream big and achieve it. My father is the only bread earner in the family and a heart patient too. But that has never stopped him from fulfilling our wishes. So after my business studies, I plan to get myself a good job and help my family achieve their dreams.

Q: It’s a very noble thought Kavya. I am sure you will do good for your family. But I am also curious to know about your love life. You are so pretty I am sure you have boyfriends too.

Kavya: (Blushing) Actually, I have never thought about it. In fact, there is no time in my routine for all these stuff. My hands are full with my studies, work, and family. (Thinks) Maybe someday I will think about it when I have settled down in life.

Vicky: (Looks towards her and sighs)

Q: Sure, it’s all about the TIME. Isn’t the novel THE CLOCKMAKER about it too?

Vicky & Kavya: (Jointly) Yup. We heartily hope the readers enjoy it. We are going to sharing the blurb and the video trailer of our book. Do check it out.

Q: I am sure they will.  Thank you for your time guys. And thanks to the readers.

Vicky & Kavya: (Jointly) Thanks for inviting us here. Bye. (waves hand)

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Releasing on soon on Amazon Kindle. 


Stay tuned for the book blurb and the next announcement on the next post

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